Babies! Babies! Babies!

So! It’s been nearly three years since an update. If you happen to still come by here, some things that might interest you about various members of the Brotherhood…

They keep making kids! Joe’s wife Chelsea just gave birth to Joe Arellano Jr., a beautiful baby boy to add to their two lovely daughters Carmindy and Roxy. Not too long ago, Tom and Melissa produced their second son, James, to go along with older brother Ben. Thomas and Katie are also currently up to two daughters, Eden and Lucy. As always, we are excited about the ever-expanding families of our brethren that no doubt just barely keep them in the realm of being responsible adults.

We’ve officially been scattered to the four winds as we have individually made stake in places as varied as Texas, Utah, Illinois, Missouri, and the DC area. Some of us are able to still make time to get together and cause a moderate amount of havoc every couple years or so, and some pictures to document those escapades exist and are in the pipeline to make a public appearance at some point.

Needless to say, we are all in our 30s now and real life has taken precedence over things like informing the internet about the results of our latest attempt at making bacon-infused vodka. Rest assured, however, we all continue to grow happy and healthy and, at least by the definition of the US legal and medical professions, sane.

Introducing Ben Belanger

Benjamin Belanger

Congratulations to our brother Tommy and his wife, Melissa, for the recent birth of their first child!

From a post on Melissa’s Facebook:

We are so happy to introduce Benjamin Junho Belanger, born Sept. 12th at 10:47pm weighing 8 lbs! We are home and doing great!

We are excited to see the growth of this wonderful family and are looking forward to all the havoc that Ben will no doubt cause over the years.

Matt & Katie Are Married!

Congratulations to our brother Matt Haynie and his new wife, Katie Halliday! The two got married today, October 2, 2010, at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C. We all got to meet Katie when Matt brought her to our reunion last year, and she won us over in short order. We are happy to welcome her to “the family.”

Splatt Reunion

The Brotherhood of Splatt 2009

This photo was taken at the NHS Class of ’99 10 year reunion. Incidentally, 10 years was also how long it almost has been since the last time Brotherhood were all together.

A lot of great memories were shared and the laughs were more than plenty. There are many other great pictures that will go up in the near future of us and the rest of the people who made it to the reunion.

NHS Class of ’99 Reunion

If you were part of the Nacogdoches High School Class of ’99, the plans for the class reunion seem to have come together. For information and registration, go the class reunion website. So far, it’s looking like the most of the Brotherhood plan to be there. And we will bring the HURT.

Adam Gets it Done

More great news on the education completion front: after taking some time away, Adam Coats went back to Stephen F. Austin State University about a year ago, and today he proudly walked the stage to finally proclaim his degree in Biology! We are all really proud of Adam for not letting the job go unfinished and for his rededication to his education. We’re particularly excited that Adam has also decided to take it even further as he plans to apply for grad school.

Congratulations to our good pal for achieving this great milestone.

That’s DOCTOR Belanger, biyatches

I just got off the phone with Tom because I was calling him about a relatively trivial subject only to discover that I caught him just after his freakin’ graduation ceremony from St. Louis Univesity Medical School, thereby officially making him Doctor Thomas Long Belanger. This is obviously a big moment for our man Tommy and we are all extremely proud of him. Personally, I don’t trust him with a plastic fork much less any kind of medical instrument, but I’m sure he will be a boon to the medical profession. At least, as long as his wife keeps him in line.

The New Doctor
The New Doctor (ref)

Eden is here

We are proud to announce that Eden Alice Middlebrook came into the world (sometime) Saturday weighing (around) 6 lbs. Mother and baby are doing fine, but the father is probably still suffering from a severe case of pride and giddiness.

Congratulations to Thomas and Katie Middlebrook on the birth of their first child!

Update: Katie has posted some pictures and more details on her blog.

Server crash

Our webhost’s server crashed, and it seemed all backups of the database went with it (?). Fortunately, I had a backup from last month, so all we lost was a couple of posts on this blog. I’ll probably throw the last one up again sometime soon (aka when I feel like it).

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall.