Adam Gets it Done

More great news on the education completion front: after taking some time away, Adam Coats went back to Stephen F. Austin State University about a year ago, and today he proudly walked the stage to finally proclaim his degree in Biology! We are all really proud of Adam for not letting the job go unfinished and for his rededication to his education. We’re particularly excited that Adam has also decided to take it even further as he plans to apply for grad school.

Congratulations to our good pal for achieving this great milestone.

That’s DOCTOR Belanger, biyatches

I just got off the phone with Tom because I was calling him about a relatively trivial subject only to discover that I caught him just after his freakin’ graduation ceremony from St. Louis Univesity Medical School, thereby officially making him Doctor Thomas Long Belanger. This is obviously a big moment for our man Tommy and we are all extremely proud of him. Personally, I don’t trust him with a plastic fork much less any kind of medical instrument, but I’m sure he will be a boon to the medical profession. At least, as long as his wife keeps him in line.

The New Doctor
The New Doctor (ref)