The Brotherhood of Splatt

About Us

The Brotherhood of Splatt is a group of guys from the Nacogdoches High School Class of 1999 who were initially bound together as young teens by their fondness for random acts of silliness. Initially a core group of four in 1995, it later expanded to eight official members and became sort of the nucleus to a large circle of friends that sometimes defied typical cliques. The end result was an extremely positive high school experience for us and our friends, and it remains a time that many of us think of fondly to this day. The establishment of this site played no small part of that – which was an oddity, as there weren’t exactly that many groups of teenage boys who had a personal website with its own domain name in the late 90s. The site remains as a monument to those times.

Someday, we’ll probably actually do something with this website again. But today is not that day.