About Us

The Brotherhood of Splatt is a group of guys from the Nacogdoches High School Class of ’99 who bonded as young teens by their mutual geekiness and fondness for silly and random humor. Initially a core group of four in 1995, it later expanded to eight official members and became the nucleus to a large circle of friends that sometimes defied typical cliques and brought together various social circles. The end result was an extremely positive high school experience for us and our friends, and it remains a time that many of us think of fondly to this day. The establishment of this website in those days played a big part of that, as it was pretty novel in those days for a group of teenagers to have a webpage with lots of pictures and their own domain name. This page remains as a monument to those days.

Someday, we’ll probably actually do something with this website again, but today is not that day.